The basis of what we do. It's not just about the body, it's not just about the mind or soul. Building harmony and alignment of mind body and soul.


Your longterm health is your best investment. Looking ahead to how your body moves, heals and performs to help reduce health concerns while leading a life full of opportunities.


Our lives are constantly evolving. To evolve we must grow. To grow we must learn. To learn we must be supported and empowered. All of this is paramount for long term sustainable success.

If you are as sick of quick fixes as we are, you are in the right place

We know you are likely here, because you are in pain...


Everyday tasks should NOT be this hard

The end goal is so much more than just pain free

You shouldn't have to give up the things you love

We get it can feel like you've exhausted all your options and this is it for you, but we are here to tell you you haven't until you've tried us

I need this

We are different from the other practitioners and gyms you've tried.

We look at you as a whole, not just at your symptoms, we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Being Osteopath led we assess you like one. We work with your body to overcome obstacles at your pace in a safe environment that means,  

  • No more "scaling",

  • No more "making do",

  • No more "getting by" 

Instead, we rehab your injuries, nourish your body, strengthen your body, mind and soul, and get your performing like never before 

Our phases

We work with people long term, as long term success isn't a short term process or a quick fix. It takes time, patience and work.

1) Deep consultation, testing and onboarding phase

We look at where you currently are, where you want to be and start to map this out with you.

We believe in assessing, not guessing. We look at you as a human, as a whole, not just your shoulder or back pain. Using Osteopathic principles we dive deep into why nothing has worked for you in the past and what might be holding you back or the missing piece of the puzzle.

This looks like testing how your body moves, recovers, performs and then we analyse this and then we map this out and plan our 12 months together.

2) Nourish Phase: unlearn habits that no longer serve you

We facilitate, educate and support you to learn more about yourselves and where you want to go with your health and lifestyle. That looks like addressing flexibility and mobility restrictions, rehabbing injuries. Looking at nutritional habits and your lymphatic and nervous system, menstrual cycle etc. 

Discovering habits you want to change, overcome some limiting beliefs and start to change the narrative, to lay the foundations that suit your personality and lifestyle.

Typically 4-8 weeks

3) Build Phase: Build the life you want to create

We look at your strength/life goals for the next phase, then reassess and reflect at the end of the phase to see how you have got on.

This looks like addressing strength imbalances and rehabbing chronic injuries. Building habits for change and growth, diving deeper into mindset blockages and educating you more about your body and how to optimise your health through recovery, nutrition & movement.

Typically 12-18 weeks

4) Sustain Phase: test and address any vulnerabilities

So often, our pain settles or we see a professional, which helps to alleviate the symptoms, only for them to come back 6-12 months later, maybe worse the next time.

Being pain free isn't the end of your journey. This is why this phase is paramount to your long term success. We reintroduce aggravating movements and we take a proactive approach to the biomechanics of your body and how your pain continues to return.

Typically 6-12 months

"I would 100% recommend Unity as when I first started seeing Jess my shoulder was in a bad place to the extent that a surgeon has suggested cutting me open to have a look which I thought was my only option.
I have been seeing Jess for a few months now and my shoulder hasn’t felt this good in years and I put it down to Jess’ willingness to listen to what I’m telling her and her knowledge of the training we do."


 Traditional Rehab

  • 30-60 minute appointment


The Unity Difference
  • 45-60 minute sessions
  • Complete individualised programme
  • Movement coaching
  • Contact with your coach outside of sessions
  • Ongoing education that you actually understand
  • Emergency flare up plans
  • Technique analysis
  • We attend your allied health appointments with you
  • Habit building support systems
  • Confidence in your rehab

Our programmes may include

We work with people long term, as long term success isn't a short term process or a quick fix. It takes time, patience and work.

Individualised Programme with Weekly Check-ins

Your programme is delivered to you via an app on your phone so you can complete at home or in the studio. You are able to communicate with your coach seamlessly.

Small Group Classes PLUS Conditioning Classes

Joining the classes allows for live feedback from the coach on staff and you are welcomed into the Unity family. Book directly on our app!

1-1 Sessions with your coach

Depending on where you are and which option is best for you, we will do 1-1 sessions to dive deep into a topic, a mindset block or movement pattern to fast track your progress.

Education Portal PLUS Access to Daily Moves

Build and sustain a movement lifestyle. The other 23 hours of the day matters, that's why this is here. Use the education and accountability to develop your mind body and soul.

Regular Assessments and Strength Testing

No guessing allowed, we consistently reassess your movement and adapt programmes to ensure progress and we to confirm we are on the right path to your goals.

Our 1-1 Coaching programmes

Depending on where you currently are in your health and performance journey and the level of support you need will depend on which membership option is right for you. If you are unsure, reach out and we can discuss if and which option is a good fit for you.

1-1 Packages

from £60 per session

  • Individualised programme 
  • Up to 3x 1-1 sessions with your assigned coach per week
  • On demand educational resources
  • Weekly check in
  • Community group
  • Sold in 12, 24 or 48 session packs.

1-1 + Small Group

from £80 per week

Our Signature Offer

  • Individualised programme 
  • Up to 3x 1-1 or small group sessions per week
  • 1-1 Coach
  • On demand educational resources
  • Weekly check in
  • Community group
  • 6-12 month programme

Online 1-1

from £70 per week

  • Individualised programme 100% online
  • Movement feedback
  • 1-1 Coach
  • On demand educational resources
  • Weekly check in
  • Community group
  • 6-12 month programme
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Frequently Asked Questions  

Here are some questions you may have about Building Better Humans, if however these do not answer your query please do not hesitate to reach out directly to us.