The basis of what we do. It's not just about the body, it's not just about the mind or soul. Building harmony and alignment of mind body and soul.


Self love will heal you, empower you, restore you, open up new worlds within you and around you. It is the key to long lasting physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.


The body is self healing and self regulating. You have the power and capabilities of this within you already, we can show you how to unlock this.

Say hello to our online membership, daily moves.

Join the community striving for sustainable, slow and intentional living. 

This means healing your body, working with your body to build a lifestyle you don't need a diet or holiday from. 

It can be as easy as doing 5 things a day to work on being a better human.

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"I have learnt to listen to my body and what it needs, to enjoy the process rather than rushing things."

- Amber

Actually start building the lifestyle you want to embody without needing to take a break, “falling off the wagon” or sabotaging the process.

Are you over the all or nothing approach to your health?

The online accountability and educational platform designed to help you create and sustain a movement lifestyle. Your daily habits have the power to change your life.

We get it can feel like you need to try this magical thing to fix all your problems, or all or nothing approach.

But tell us, how has that served you so far?

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Does this sound like you? You...


  • Continue to look for the quick fix, drastic change or short cut even though you know that it doesn’t work long term?
  • Feel fed up with being on autopilot, serving and pleasing others, without actually looking after yourself first or ever?
  • Are over a life of restriction and striving for a “perfect” way of living and want to start building a life evolving, exploring and accepting yourself?
  • Want to build a life of physical freedom and emotional wellbeing?
  • Want to take an active approach to creating a life you love filled with movement, self awareness and acceptance, nourishment and nature?

"I had struggled for years, I now feel more comfortable moving, can join in with my son in his workouts, and don't feel the pain anymore."

- James

Imagine if...


  • Learn to demonstrate self love and build self discipline
  • Learn to heal your body, mind and soul
  • Be part of a community striving to be better humans, daily
  • Embody a life of sustainable longevity
  • Say goodbye to the all or nothing mentality that is no longer serving you
  • Build habits for life
  • Learn how to work with your body and not against it
  • Build confidence in your movement and self
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Introducing Daily Moves

Make moves daily to building lifestyle and embodying the person you truly want to become.


So many times we start these health kicks to only be met with quick fixes, restrictions and self hatred. This is the opposite. We want to help you take small steps daily to truly see your potential. 


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"Having been to osteos, physios, surgeons the lot, I’d come to terms with not being able to do things without help from my husband. My running days were behind me. Going to practitioners and fitness professionals nothing had ever really “fit” I was either pushed too quickly and my pain would be scarily bad again or I was being treated like a fragile piece of furniture. Working with Unity I can now say I’m stronger than ever, my scoliosis isn’t limiting me like it used to, I can run, I can join in and lift heavy weights, I feel strong and capable. I am not fragile. Unity has helped me believe this was possible, guide the way and support this process in understanding how to work with my body.”


"It was after a holiday where we had to take a wheelchair because I wouldn’t be able to join in with the walks that it hit me that I needed to do something. I had been going to osteos, sports massage therapists, chiros etc. but all it ever did was take the edge off. It never helped me do more, just an expensive painkiller. I work in care, I am responsible for others and it was at the point where I wouldn’t be able to help my clients. Now, I’m the fittest and strongest of my team. I’m kayaking when everyone told me I’m mad to do it. Unity helped me build my strength, feel confident in my body and learn how to look after it. The community is great, I always hated gyms and this doens’t feel like one. It’s a safe environment where we all are working on ourselves at our own pace.”


"I had been told my doctors I’d never be able to lift my arm above my head, let alone lift weights on that side. After experiencing cancer, I thought I’d be protecting my body and avoiding that side. I first went to see Jess for my back pain, I wanted to be able to pick up my daughter without pain. After overcoming that hurdle, we went onto working on my upper body, I can now match the weight on both sides, above my head. I can not only lift my daughter’s weight, without pain, but I can keep up and feel stronger and more confident with my body everyday.”

Helping humans thrive, not just survive

The Details...


  • Access to our full educational platform added to monthly to create this lifestyle and person you want to embody
  • Daily movement snack workout to get explore your joints daily and break up the hustle delivered straight to your phone
  • Join our monthly challenges to dive deep into one specific topic and get supported by our coaches
  • Be supported while you learn to understand how to work with your body, heal and nourish yourself
  •  Access to our own app to consume all the goodies and take action straight away
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Here's what you'll learn...


We believe taking steps to do 5 things daily, we will build the lifestyle we truly desire. Move our bodies, control our breath, nourish our bodies with fuel and sleep and connect with ourselves, the planet and others. 



You will learn how to explore movement and not just do random stretches daily



You will learn breathing techniques to improve your stress response and be able to control your reactions and state of mind



You will learn how to nourish your body at different stages of your life and day



You will learn how to optimise your sleep, to help you feel energised and recovered



You will learn more about self awareness, self acceptance and how to connect more deeply with yourself and others.

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Meet your coaches

Hi I'm Jess

 I am a Registered Osteopath and Active Life Professional, I help women who feel limited by old injuries, aches and pains, feel more confidence, strength and power in their bodies so they can freely live unapologetically.

Hi I'm Harry

I am an Active Life Candidate, I help people build a life of physical freedom and break free from aches, pains and injuries that limit them.

More satisfied clients 


I have completely surrendered to this lifestyle now, Unity has helped me rethink my entire approach to my health and fitness.


This stuff needs to be taught at schools. I now have a deeper understanding of my body and how to support it.

This is for you if...



  • You feel low on energy, you aren’t looking after yourself and you want to but don’t know where to start without going “all or nothing” approach
  • You don’t move a lot and feel on autopilot, life feels like it’s happening to you and you want out of this cycle
  • You already follow a programme and want something to supplement it, mobilise your joints and learn more about what we do
  • You want to work on your body, mind and soul daily
  • You want to feel the support and community aspect while working on yourself in this way


I'm ready

Join us for the most cost effective lifestyle support programme out there, get access to education, resources, challenges, a daily movement snack to truly build the lifestyle of your dreams. 

For less than a price of a costa a day, we will help you learn about yourself, understand how your body works and create daily movement towards the person you desire to become. You already have it in you, let us help you heal closer to that person. 

We get that you want to work on yourself, feel alone in your journey or don’t know where to start. Let us guide you. 



Every 3 months

  • Community to support your journey 
  • Empowered education on building an intentional lifestyle
  • Monthly challenges to introduce new habits

Daily Moves


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  • Daily workout delivered to your phone via our app
  • Access to foundations

Frequently Asked Questions  

Here are some questions you may have going through your mind while reading our main offer, if however these do not answer your query please do not hesitate to reach out directly to us.

Watch our masterclass to learn the 5 key things for optimal health

Learn how your body recovers and some simple steps to set your body up for optimal recovery so that you can take on whatever comes at you during your day. Learn skills and principles that you can take with you through every stage of your life. 

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