This is the basis of what we do. It's not just about the body, it's not just about the mind or just about the soul. Building harmony and alignment of mind body and soul.


Self love will heal you, empower you, restore you, open up new worlds within you and around you. It is the key to long lasting physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.


The dedication to yourself to what you actually want, not what's tempting you right now. It's not about pushing through and ignoring signals. Rather trusting into yourself.

Welcome to

Daily Moves

The online accountability and educational platform designed to help you create and sustain a movement lifestyle.


Your daily habits have the power to change your life. 

We get it can feel like you need to try this magical thing to fix all your problems, or all or nothing approach.

But tell us, how has that served you so far? 

I Need This

This is not a random workout, smoothie or detox cleanse to solve all your problems.

This is intentional daily healing.

Join the community striving for sustainable, slow and intentional living. 

This means healing your body, working with your body to build a lifestyle you don't need a diet or holiday from. 

It can be as easy as doing 5 things a day to work on being a better human.

Our principles

We believe that by doing 5 things daily, we can create and sustain a movement lifestyle, full of life, opportunities and happiness. Different days and stages in your life will mean that each area may have a different demand, and that's okay - actually we embrace it.







The Unity Difference
  • Learn to demonstrate self love and build self discipline
  • Learn to heal your body, mind and soul
  • Be part of a community striving to be better humans, daily
  • Embody a life of sustainable longevity
  • Say goodbye to the all or nothing mentality that is no longer serving you
  • Build habits for life
  • Learn how to work with your body and not against it
  • Confidence in your movement and self

Daily Moves memberships include

The aim is to unlearn behaviour patterns and conditioning that is no longer serving us or the lives we are striving to lead.  This is setting the foundations for the rest of your life, not a 30 day challenge. It takes time, patience and work.

Daily workout

The programme is 100% online so you can complete at home or in a gym. It can be made into longer sessions or as little as 20 mins a day. Written by our Osteopath and coach to ensure it is well rounded and help to reduce injuries.

Educational Resources

Learn how to heal your body on your terms in small, easy steps. Using the community to ask questions, learn and reflect we are here working with you, striving for your success. With monthly updates you can continue your evolution.

Online Community

Online events and ways to learn with each other and connect with like minded humans. Monthly challenges allow you to immerse yourself in new habits and build them together.

Our memberships

Depending on where you currently are in your health and performance journey and the level of support you need will depend on which membership option is right for you. If you are unsure, reach out and we can discuss if and which option is a good fit for you.


£22 every 3 months

  • Educational Portal with monthly updates
  • Community group
  • Monthly Challenges
  • 3 Month Commitment to Start on the Right Track.
  • Cancel anytime after 3 months.



Daily Moves

£22 per month

  • Daily workout to build your movement lifestyle
  • Full access to foundations
  • Educational Portal with monthly updates
  • Community group
  • 3 Month Commitment to Start on the Right Track.
  • Cancel anytime after 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Here are some questions you may have going through your mind about Daily Moves, if however these do not answer your query please do not hesitate to reach out directly to us.