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Emma (age 33) was unconscious when her daughter Ophelia was delivered 6 weeks before her due date while still working as a dental hygienist.
A skullbase tumour no one knew about suddenly burst taking out her right side brain stem, her right eye and subsequently her consciousness.
After an emergency delivery, Ophelia was a little small and needed a little oxygen in an incubator, however despite Emma not being there to fuss over her, she was fine and quickly developed into a very healthy and vocal baby.
Emma's brain surgery (being both invasive and risky) was a success with 2/3 of a 60mm Chordoma removed. She started her slow recovery in the neuro critical care ward of Queens Hospital in Romford. Over the next 3 months Emma began to breathe independently, and then later regain consciousness. She was however now blind in one eye and completely paralysed, and only able to communicate via eye movement.
Through this communication it was noted that she was able to fully understand what was what had happened to her. Over the following weeks and months she began to regain movement of her head and one of her hands and feet, which improved her ability to communicate with us.
The surgeon's prognosis was that with sustained dedicated physio she could expect a sound recovery due to her age and the lack of brain damage, and that she'd be able to walk again and communicate verbally, and to ultimately come home to be the mum she always dreamed of being.
Under the NHS this qualified her for rehabilitation, and she was moved to a rehab facility to begin their 12 week course. She is now very aware, able to communicate and through physiotherapy is making substantial gains in her movement. Despite this and the fact development after a brain injury can take considerable time, the NHS funding stops here and we are now looking to finance her ongoing development over a 12 month period at the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability in London - The intensive physio therapy is critical to her recovery and without this we fear that she will never be able to recover enough to go home again and to regain her independence.
With your help she will go on to achieve the surgeon's prediction of her future and be able to come home and enjoy motherhood and complete their little family.

The Event…

  • 1st July 10.30am start
  • Harry and Jess (coaches at Unity) are completing 3 marathons on the rowing machine, bike and running
  • No this is not going to be easy

They would mostly appreciate sponsorship to help Emma get home, Emma is a friend of Jess's so this is a local cause and close to our hearts. 










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